Spark max absolute encoder question

What is the delay between the measurement from a through bore to the getting it from the spark max through the absolute encoder adapter?

Specifically to your question it would be zero because the adapter is just a plain pcb that adapts the connector. It has no processor of any kind

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What is the delay from the actual value of the sensor to the reported value from the encoder? Would it just be the frequency?

This is outside my knowledge. Here’s the datasheet for the encoder chip: AEAT-8800-Q24: Magnetic Encoder IC 10- to 16-Bit Programmable Angular Magnetic Encoder Data Sheet

Thank you

Are you asking how long it takes to refresh via CAN? The SPARK MAX sends the absolute encoder position in Periodic Status 5, and the absolute encoder velocity in Periodic Status 6 (see this document). Both of those are sent every 200ms by default, but you can change that using this method.

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