SPARK MAX and CAN not Working?

Hello, I am having trouble using CAN on my SPARK MAX I have connected each one of the motors on my CAN ID.

This error keeps popping up :
ERROR 1 Unable to retrieve SPARK MAX firmware version please verify the deviceID field matches the configured CAN ID of the controller, and that the controller is connected to the CAN Bus.

here is how my motor is connected:

It looks like there’s a disconnected CAN bus wire at the beginning of the video. Additionally, the CAN wire does not get plugged into the PWM port on the roboRIO as you have shown.

The top left of the roboRIO has a spot for two CAN bus wires to connect (labeled CAN H (GRN) and L (YEL)). Plug the SPARK MAX wires into those ports, continue chaining any other CAN devices, and then terminate the chain at the CAN connections on the PDP.

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I’ll add some basic questions:

  • Have you used the USB connection to set a unique CAN ID on each of your Spark Maxs, one at a time?
  • Have you tried connecting only one to the roboRIO CAN terminals?
  • What are the yellow/green wires connected to that PWM on the roboRIO for?
  • What all do you have connected to the roboRIO CAN terminals that Kristian asked about?
  • Yes, I have

  • Yes

  • The CAN bus?

*My pneumatics is connected there

The pneumatics control module (PCM) also gets connected to the roboRIO via CAN bus. If you have the PCM wired directly to the roboRIO via CAN, then connect the SPARK MAX to the PCM via CAN. Make sure that whatever the last device in the CAN chain is connects back to the PDP (e.g. roboRIO -> PCM -> SPARK MAX 1 -> SPARK MAX 2 -> … -> PDP).

okay thank you