Spark Max Blink Code

This is our first year using Neo motors and Spark Maxes. We have 6 for 6 respective motors and we receive normal blink code for 5, but the sixth gives us flashing red and orange blink code. We’ve looked through the quick start guide which has an option for blinking orange and yellow which is a CAN fault. We’re currently looking into this as an option, but are wondering if anyone has any information on a blinking red and orange blink code.

I think you might be mixing up the yellow with the orange and the red with the orange and then it gives you a CAN fault, sometimes LED colors are hard to tell. I would check to make sure that CAN is terminated properly either in a PDP or a 120 ohm resistor. Also check all the connections going into the spark maxes to make sure that they are plugged in fully.

Are your speed controllers running REV’s latest v1.5.0 firmware? Because if so, you should be able to USB tether to one controller, go into the new Spark MAX Client, and see which controllers show up in your CAN bus. This will help you determine whether it is a CAN wiring issue. Here is a guide for this process.

^+1. Those LEDs can be difficult to discern sometimes.

Additionally, do you get CAN fault errors when you deploy/run code? If so, those may be useful to help debug your problem.

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