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We recently purchased two Spark Maxs to be used with NEO Brushless Motors, and have run into an issue. After troubleshooting for around 7 hours, I wasn’t able to establish a connection to the CAN Spark Maxs (Met with this error message in the rio log: [CAN SPARK MAX] WPILib or External HAL Error: CAN: Message not found, CAN: Message not found) but after restarting the robot the new message is [CAN SPARK MAX] timed out while waiting for Periodic Status 2.

The Sparks are setup using a daisy chain CAN system (diagram below) with CAN IDs of 9 and 11, and the pdp, roborio, radio, and Spark Maxs themselves have been updated to the latest 2020 firmware. Both Sparks show up and configurable in the Spark Max client when connecting to one (in the chain) via usb-c. The robot is otherwise fully functional save for the two NEO Motors and corresponding Spark Maxs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, our first competition starts this Friday (currently Thursday) so we’re running on a bit of a tight schedule.


Our team had this issue last night. When diagnosing, we found that one of our wires connecting from the Spark Max to the NEO was disconnected from the crimp connector. Once it was plugged back in we were back in business.

I would give that a check first and if that doesn’t work, make sure all your CAN wires are connected properly. I suggest using the white connector clips that come with the Spark Max or the black clips that come from CTRE products (Talon SRX, Victor SPX etc). If you can’t find these, some electrical tape should do the trick!

Hopefully this helps!

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Here is a link to the quick start guide. It features the LED signals and other helpful tips.

In your case, this means set to brushless, coast, and no signal. So make sure your CAN is ok and you are setting the CAN ID properly in your code and on the controller.

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It turns out there’s an error in the code. I made a new TimedRobot project and set both the motors to run at 0.3 speed and it worked. Thanks for your help all.

Great! Let us know if you need help with anything else!

Actually there is, can you take a look at our code to see if you can spot where the issue is stemming from? Here’s the link:

Thanks once again.

What issue are you having?

So I cannot just replicate your entire code unfortunately; I have seen these CAN Spark MAX issues and that was never the real prohibiter for me. What’s your firmware looking like? It should be about 1.5.2 If that’s ok, and you can give me some more background information, I’ll check it out.

I’m getting a message in the riolog saying: “[CAN SPARK MAX] timed out while waiting for Periodic Status 2” when I connect to the robot and “CAN SPARK MAX] WPILib or External HAL Error: CAN: Message not found, CAN: Message not found” after deploying code

The firmware is 1.5.2 on both sparks with unique IDs of 9 and 11 for both of the respective Sparks. Also, the pdp, rio, and radio are all up-to-date.

I’ll try running the robot and ignoring the messages but it’s rather unsettling to see them so I’d like to try to get rid of them. If not and the robot runs as it should, then I’ll just live with them.

Looks like you are using the same CAN ID to create both motors, see if that fixes the issue.

Yup that was it. Works perfectly now. Thanks for the help.


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