Spark MAX Brushed Motor Problem

I’m trying to program a Spark MAX as a bushed controller to a 775 pro. The firmware is all up to date and the programming seems to be right. When you run the motor through the REV Spark MAX Client it runs but when I try to run it on a controller though the driver’s station it doesn’t work. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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I’m not a programmer but is it in brushed mode?


Is the Spark Max connected over CAN or through a PWM port?
I assume CAN since you are using CAN ID.

It is through CAN.

And you also made the Brushed setting directly on the Spark Max through the Spark Max Client?

Yes, I set it to brushed and the right CAN ID.

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I just tested it and it’s working for me.

Any messages on the Driver Station message window?
Possibly the CAN connection is not connecting.

Yellow blinking status light on the Spark Max when the RIO is Disabled-solid yellow when Enabled?
No Green or Red blinking when enabled and driven?

How did you verify the controller’s buttons?

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