Spark Max Can TX and RX Sticky Faults

So our Spark Max is currently giving CAN TX and CAN RX sticky faults. We have ruled out the cable, and no matter what we try it is still giving us sticky faults. Also note that it is flashing between “Error Present” and “OK” constantly. Any suggestions?

Edit solved problem

Hey, how did you solve this issue? We are having the same problem with our robot and we don’t really know how to fix it?

Hi, as one of the main electronics members of my team I’d suggest thoroughly checking your can wiring and connections. If everything seems fine then check the connector of the spark max can cables and whether all cables are still properly attached (they tend to break off easily). Also make sure you’re using the spark max can cable v2, the other version has caused issues for us. If you still couldn’t get it fixed I could try and help you troubleshoot further.

Duplicate CAN ID

Update: the issue has been solved. turns out we have been connecting the can wires to each other the wrong way(green to yellow, etc). We flipped them around and it worked like a charm.