Spark MAX can working but no signal

we have a bunch of spark maxes on can as well as talons and a victor. All our other can devices are working but our sparks coming up with no signal. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Did you set the CAN ID for them? You’ll need to use the REV Client tool and USB to do so.

yes i have and they are all different from each other.

Post here, or send us an email at with some pictures of your wiring. A large overall picture so we can trace through the whole system and then some closeups would be helpful.

Make sure the controllers have the latest firmware.

Did you guy figure out what happened? It seems like our team has the same issue now and we did everything we can think of and it’s still not working.

They will show no signal if they are not being passed valid commands to the correct CAN IDs in the code. Have you checked your code?

We haven’t yet. This is the robot that we used during the season and the code hasn’t been changed since, and it was driving like how it’s supposed to until two days ago when the drivetrain started acting weird. But we will check the code tonight just to make sure.

I had the issue too, if they are blinking orange and magenta you need to change the type of encoder to Hall effect, if not then may be powering issues?