Spark Max Client will not connect to our Spark Maxes

So tonight my team was trying to get our Spark Maxes that we used on our comp bot last year set up so that we could run them on our practice bot for this year. I downloaded the latest firmware and installer tonight, but when I went to flash the firmware, the Spark Max Client wouldn’t boot properly, instead displaying the message “Unexpected system error has occurred. Check log for details or contact support team”. When I check the log, all it says is “Connection was refused.” Has anyone had any issues with this, and how did you resolve them? included are pictures of the Spark Max Client on bootup, as well as the error log and version. Apologies for the poor quality, would’ve taken screenshots but it’s nigh impossible to get them off of the school computers that we use.

@GraveFurball It looks like you are running windows 7. The client is designed to work with windows 10. Please try again on a different computer.

We generally get this error every time we try to connect to the Spark MAXs over USB.

This is what we do;

  • Be connected to the internet so any driver downloads can take place (maybe not needed as I think the client comes with them, but better safe than sorry)
  • Apply 12v power to the Spark MAX
  • Start the client software
  • Connect the Spark MAX over USB
  • Click the scan button
  • Then connect

But I’d take @Greg_Needel’s advice and start with a Windows 10 computer.

Just installed it on a win 10 computer without the school image, same error on startup with or without a spark plugged in

The error still occurs on startup regardless of whether we’re connected to the internet or not

Just installed it on another computer for kicks and giggles, and it looks like 3rd time was the charm! Worked flawlessly this time, and I have no idea why…

This computer was running Win 10, but it had a school image, so I’m surprised yet pleased that it worked

Sometimes rotating the USB-C cable 180 helps with connecting. Also try opening the client without having the SPARK MAX connected. Once it’s loaded and seeing 0 devices, then connect the SPARK MAX over USB-C.


Ok, close the client and make sure there are no “hidden instances” running. Errors love to pop up when you accidentally run the program whilst it’s still open. If need be, restart your computer. But yeah, it needs to be win 10, win 7 is no longer supported by anyone, not even rev. :frowning_face: But as @bsimmons said, we do get errors a lot too, restarting the program or the computer usually works.

We have 3 computers and see this server error message on all of them. All three are Lenovo thinkpad with win10. Eventually after enough tries it works… Then it doesn’t.


We have pretty much the same experience, pretty hit and miss really.