Spark Max Configuration Client Does Not Find Spark Max

We just got Spark max motor controllers to use them with the new NEO motors and are struggling to update the firmware and set the CAN ID on them. We connected the Spark Max directly to the computer with the robot off and updated the Spark max configuration client to the latest update. The computer still fails to find the Spark max motor controllers, it continues to say SEARCHING…


There is a known issue with some Windows 10 installs.
There are 2 dll files missing from the system32 folder.

Reinstalling them by copying them from another PC running the same OS has worked for me.

Search CD and you will find another solution by reinstalling a specific 2013 version of an app that I can’t recall right now.
Just search for one of the two files above to find that answer.

I had a similar issue. I found the app that you were talking about:
I installed it and now it works fine.

Did you all remember to put the motor controllers in firmware upload mode? You need to do this the first time you connect to a computer.

We had difficulty with this too. When we followed the tutorial, it worked perfectly.

We used a different computer and then it started working thanks, sorry for late response.

Trying to connect to new Spark Max using V 1.0.0 Spark Max Client but keep getting connection failed.

I installed the microsoft update C++ redistributed listed earlier n the thread - no change
Peforformed a firmware update to latest firmware 1.4.0 with spark client and it appeared to work - says firmware was updated even though it always showed connection failed. After update still get Connection Failed.

Tried installing some drivers from another search - Connection Failed.

In Device Manager item shows up as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed).

Running windows 10. Tried using another Win 10 machine with just the client installed without the patches - Connection Failed.

Any thoughts on what else to try??

Thanks for any help.