Spark Max Data Port

The Spark Max has a data port in which you can plug in external encoders, limit switches, analog input etc. I have Rev Robotics Magnetic Limit Switch that I was hoping I could plug directly into the data port but it isn’t the same size pin. The limit switch has a JST PH 4-pin wire. The user guide for the Spark currently has no information on the wires for the data port.

Have any of you used the data port on the spark max yet and how so?

Just a reminder that if you’re using a brushless motor, you cannot use an encoder connected to the data port.

For limit switches, my guess would be that it follows the same wiring format as a Talon SRX so I would start there.

REV has a breakout board for the data port check their website.

I’ll make sure we add the connector information to the Data Port section of the User’s Manual. The pinout has been there, and now that we have the Data Port Breakout, you can make those connections a little easier.

I posted some information in a different thread about how you would wire our Magnetic Limit Switch to the Data Port: Connecting a Magnetic Limit Switch to the Data Port.