Spark MAX Encoder - Zeroing/Tare

I’ve been reading through the Spark MAX API for the NEO and I cannot seem to find any function that would allow me to zero/tare the NEO encoder value…

Does this functionality not exist? If not does anyone from REV know the timetable for a feature like this being added? This is a pretty important feature that I’m sure my team will need.

I believe that is what this card on the Spark MAX software roadmap trello board is for.

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Ah, I should bookmark that. I couldn’t find the link to it.

We worked around it. Put a resetEncoder() method in the subsystem, use that to fetch the current encoder value and store it as the tare zero value, and wrote a getEncoder() to fetch the encoder position, subtract the saved tare zero value, and return the result. It works for testing until we have a real reset method.