Spark Max Error

We are seeing the following message in our driver station console…

ERROR 11 [CAN SPARK MAX] Recieved parameter invalid error parameter id 14
ERROR 11 [CAN SPARK MAX] Recieved parameter invalid error parameter id 14, 14

repeatedly… (yes received is misspelled)

Any clues or pointers?



We have the same error, and are just ignoring it

Are you repeatedly setting kI to a negative value? Can you share some code?

Thank you for the response!

Any idea which SparkMax it could be? From the error message or some other log? Why are you guessing negative kI? If it is closed loop related that narrows it down for me. I only have 3 doing closed loop processing. I will look tomorrow.

The error could probably be formatted slightly better, the intent is closer to:

ERROR 11 [CAN SPARK MAX] Received "parameter invalid error" for parameter id 14

Parameter ID 14 is kI for PID slot 0, you can find that here:

Thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake. We’re working on some small tweaks to our error reporting, and CAN ID will be included in that, you can track the progress on our roadmap here:

I guess negative kI as a negative gain for a PID gain is not valid.

I think there are three cases:
1/ Your NEO motor controllers are not connected to the robot
2/ You have not updated the motor controllers firmware/ set their IDs
3/ You set the motor ids incorrectly

Thank you! And I only noticed the misspelling because of spell check. grin

If you are not setting negative kI, check the PID values you are setting. We had some problems where the PID values wanted to be doubles, but we were putting in integers, so we got an error (ex. P being set to 0 instead of 0.0)

Thanks! Student found it! Trying to set I to NaN!

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