SPARK MAX Firmware 1.1.31 Does Not Save Limit Switch Polarity


When we updated our SPARK MAX firmware to version 1.1.31, our limit switch polarity resets to Normally Open each time we turn off the robot. This means that we need to reconfigure our SPARK MAX to Normally Closed limits each time we turn the robot off. This issue does not occur on firmware 1.0.385. Are there any known solutions to this issue?

Have you updated your SPARK MAX Client to the latest 1.0.0 version?

Yes, I am running SPARK MAX Client 1.0.0.

Are you pressing the Save Configuration button?

You can also set and save this in your code, check out our Code Examples for set and get parameters.

Yes, I am pressing the Save Configuration button.

I saw that code example before but misunderstood what it does, now I understand how I can use it. I will try that tomorrow.

Although it can be set through the code, I still think this is an issue with firmware 1.1.31. I tried setting the limit switch parameters of a 1.1.31 SPARK MAX with an older version of the SPARK MAX Client as well, but the issue still persisted.

Thanks for the additional information. We’re looking into it.

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