Spark MAX following Talon SRX

There have been several people on this forum who have mentioned that the Spark MAX is able to follow the Talon SRX’s output via CAN, however, I am unable to get this feature working using the latest firmware. When running, the Talon SRX indicator LED’s show that the unit is outputting something, however, the Spark MAX’s LED stays in the neutral connected state.

Has anyone had any success (specifically with the Java API) with this on the latest firmware? I’m unsure as to whether it’s an issue with my code or the firmware/API.

The Spark MAX firmware version is v1.0.381 and the Talon SRX firmware version is v4.11.

Example Code:

I had a similar question on another thread that hasn’t been answered yet. My main concern was whether or not it’s possible in brushless mode. I might try it tonight, and post back if it works. Let me know if you get any progress.

I heard back from REV:

We have confirmed that the latest Talon firmware 4.x has changed how following is implemented. Unfortunately, we need some time to decode how following works with their new firmware before the MAX will be able to follow a Talon again.

Has there been an update for following?

We have been unable to demonstrate a SPARK MAX following another SPARK MAX.

I’ve had no issues with SPARK MAX’s following other SPARK MAX’s so far on the latest firmware (we’re using Java).

Thanks. We are using C++.

Can you share code?

This assumes you are using code. The setting for follow can also be set in the configuration utility.

This is pretty much what we used:

REV has their own examples here too:

any ETA on an update? we too would like to have 2 Spark Maxes following a Talon SRX Master…

Their new beta release supports this.