Spark Max - Gate Driver Fault (Alternating LEDs of Cyan - Orange)

We have two spark max motor controllers that are in a state of alternating Cyan and Orange LED colors on the status lights. The Rev Robotics manual indicates that this is a Gate Driver Fault.

Using the Java API I was able to get the Sticky Fault value from the the two controllers. They both reported a value of 1024.

This fault would not clear using the Java API to clear the sticky faults. Also, flashing the controller with the latest firmware of v1.1.31 does not change the LED status or the Sticky fault value.

Is anyone familiar with this sticky fault code.

Is there anyway to repair this controller?

There is no Java API to clear sticky faults on the SPARK MAX.

If I’ve done the maths correctly, this corresponds to DRVFault. I have no idea what that means though.

Are you using the data port breakout board? If so make sure it is properly aligned. It can be physically inserted 1 column to the left or right.

What circumstances lead up to the fault code? In other words, was there some sort of event that happened just before the fault? Did something change in the system right before the fault?

Gate driver (DRV) faults can happen when the chip that drives the MOSFETs (the components that turn the motor on and off) detects some sort of error related to that part of the system.

There was no particular event during operation that caused the fault code. The led status and fault code of 1024 is reported as soon as we power up the FRC robot.

The only thing I can suspect is that we made changes to the can bus wires before turning on the robot.

To clarify, were the controllers operating before the fault? Did they operate, and then fault on the next power cycle after the CAN wiring change?

Please send a picture of your wiring if you can, here or in your email to our support inbox.

One thing to try would be to disconnect CAN completely and try to operate the controller through the USB interface. Be sure the Client is up-to-date, 1.0.0.

I am happy to provide you with any details that you need.

I have read a lot of threads on ChiefDelphi and your comments on those threads. Here is what we have tried so far from your comments on other threads.

  • Firmware is up to date at 1.1.31
  • Client is up to date at 1.0.0
  • Used the client to reset the controller to factory defaults
  • Disconnected from the canbus to and tried to operate the controller with the usb and the client

The students are not sure of the status of the controllers before the wiring change.

One thing we will try today is take the controllers to another team and see if they have any insight.



I was able to take the problem controllers to another team in the local area. They connected these two controllers to their test bench. Somehow we were able to clear the gate driver fault but not sure exactly what we did to clear the Gate Driver Fault.

However, when we connect these controllers to a neo motor we saw the stuttering behavior, or the behavior where we had to switch directions to get the motor to move. These symptoms are similar to other threads here on chief delphi.

We received 2 controllers in early January and then 4 others in mid January.

Could these two controller that are not working be the batch of beta hardware?

How can we tell the hardware version?

Is there a way to swap these controllers with new ones?

There have been a few stuttering instances but each with their own resolutions to the stuttering. Can you point me to a thread that seems to be most like what you’re seeing?

All controllers sent out on orders, even the very first orders, are production units. These controllers are not beta hardware.

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Here is the one thread that I was referring to.

I’ll try to find the other thread about reversing direction.

We have been having the same problem with one of our SPARKs. We do not have the ability to run any NEO connected to it by any means. All of our firmware is up-to-date, and we have tried resetting the factory defaults. Do you have any advice?


Was this thread answered anywhere else. We have a Spark Max that is experiencing this issue.

Same here with one of our spark maxes. We have been requested to send an email directly to Rev with as much detail about setup before the fault occurred. Hopefully we can report a solution. I suggest you send a detailed message to the also and maybe a solution can be discovered.

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Yep. I had one new in box with the gate driver fault. Email Rev and they’ll ship you out another.

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Is it plugged in to 12V power? I thought ours had that issue, but it turns out it blinks like that when it’s plugged in with USB power only and not 12V.

We also have a Spark Max that developed a gate driver fault (blue/orange status flashing, sticky fault 1024 DRVFault). We had it running for maybe 20 minutes or so and then the output went to zero and we got the blue/orange flash. We’ve had quite a few that have worked fine. We’re communicating with Rev, but I don’t think there’s much we can do at this point to troubleshoot. The controller won’t run in the current state. We have a replacement running in the same application and it has not developed the fault.

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