Spark Max intefering with Phoenix Turner

We have a working test robot with 4 spark max speed controllers, a pcm, pdp, and roborio on the CAN loop. When we run the phoenix turner no CAN devices show up (pcm, pdp). I can see all of the Spark max speed controllers in the REV utility. When I bypass (disconnect) the spark max speed controllers and just wire rio to pcm to pdp I can see the 2 devices on Phoenix Turner (id’s 8 and 9) but as soon as I reconnect the Spark Max speed controllers (id 20,21,22,23) the CAN devices grey out.
Any ideas/suggestions?

Do you see any CAN errors when using the REV Hardware Client? Do you see any errors on the CAN portion of the driver station as mentioned in our troubleshooting guide

No errors on the Rev Utility. We only noticed when we moved over to our comp bot and we needed to change CAN id’s for our talon srx’s. Nothing showed up in Phoenix Turner. We actually went through all of the CAN wiring. Found nothing. Went to the practice bot and found that the Phoenix turner showed nothing there. So then we started troubleshooting and found they show up if no Sparks are connected and go away when a spark is connected.

How about in the driver station when everything is connected? FRC Driver Station Powered by NI LabVIEW — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Thank you Will! There was an error (We tried Rev Utility again after your post). Somewhere between moving around we ended up with an open CAN in our spark group. Bypassing the Spark group eliminated the open CAN. All good now


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