Spark MAX is connecting to each other instead each induvial self

At first, we’ve had trouble to receive a detection of each spark max to the rev hardware client. Then when finally found a connection - because of the updates we’ve made - each Spark MAX started connecting to each other instead of becoming its own one id. This is causing it to blink Magenta too, there are many errors we don’t understand. We want to know and understand how and why this is happening.

If I am understanding your issue correctly it sounds like you are overlapping CAN IDs and all the devices are sharing the same ID when updating. Is this correct?

If so, are you removing the SPARK MAX from the CAN BUS before burning the new CAN ID to flash? If the devices are connected to the CAN BUS, all devices with the ID of the device being configured will be updated to the same ID. You can disconnect the CAN cable to update the ID of each SPARK MAX individually and then they should show. Make sure they do not have the same ID as each other.

Basic configuration info is found in REV’s docs here: Make it Spin! - SPARK MAX

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I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing here, but it sounds like you might have assigned the same CAN bus id to more than one Spark MAX. To fix this, you either need to disconnect the input power to one, or to (temporarily) physically disconnect the CAN bus wiring between the two devices, and then change the id on the other one of them by connecting with USB-C and using the Rev Hardware Client.

If this isn’t what your problem is, please try to explain it in more detail. Pictures and source code links may help.

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yes, it is. THANK YOU!

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