Spark Max Issue

Having an issue with the Spark Max motor controller. Setup consists of a 12V battery, inline fuse, Spark Max, and 775 Pro Motor. Motor runs fine at full speed when removing the Spark Max from the equation, so everything else is working properly.

The issue is that the motor does not run when using the Spark Max software on the pc or using an arduino for PWM. Any suggestions on what the issue is? I’ve run through the FAQs on the website and contacted Rev Support for help but have not received an answer. I’ve crimped all wires on the Spark Max into powerpoles. Is there any way to check the connections I’ve made?

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First thing to check: is the Spark MAX set in brushed or brushless mode?


It’s in brushed mode.

Make sure the encoder is disabled (set to “No Sensor” if I remember correctly.)
Also, what is the light on the Spark doing? Looking up the blink code in the manual may help diagnose the issue.


You should also make sure to be using the A and B leads (red and black) when connecting to the motor and the +/- leads to the battery.

Can you PM me what email you used to contact REV support? I don’t recall seeing this issue cross our email but we could have missed it as our staff has been in/out of the office during everything that is happening around COVID.

Can make sure this gets over to our Electrical and Software teams to take a look.


Ah, it was the encoder! I had to switch it to “no sensor,” thanks so much.

No worries, I understand things are somewhat crazy right now. It appears it was a pretty simple switch of just changing the sensor type. Thanks for following up though!


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