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I’m using the Spark Max with the Neo motor for a non FRC project. The product page says the maximum operating voltage is 30 volts, but when powering it from our 7 cell lithium ion pack (about 28.5 volts) it turns off after a few seconds, and then immediately after each time it tries to turn back on. Putting a buck converter after the battery to drop the voltage to 12 volts made the controller operate as expected and maintain a solid magenta light. We have also tested it to work fine up to 24 volts.

Does anyone have any info on whether the 30 volts spec is accurate? I hope the issue is somewhere else, but it seems based on our testing that it is a voltage related issue.


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30V may be a maximum rating, so above that damage will occur. It sounds like it tries to save itself around 28V.

Hi John, it seems like that’s the case. I emailed Rev support and they just changed the specs on the product page. Previously it said the operating voltage is from 6 - 30 volts. Now it says the operating voltage is from 5.5 - 24 volts with an absolute maximum of 30 volts. Here’s the page before they changed it:

Hi Levi,

As I stated in my first reply to your support email:

30V is the absolute maximum voltage as stated in the SPARK MAX User’s Manual. I will edit the product summary to reflect this better.

I changed the product description soon after replying to your email a few hours ago. The User’s Manual has had the full electrical specifications since it was released on January 9th and they haven’t changed.


My apologies for letting the product description slip through the cracks. We have been communicating through email and we are looking at options to make it right.

In summary, the upper operating voltage limit is 24V. 30V is the absolute maximum and exceeding that can permanently damage the SPARK MAX.

In this particular situation, when operating at a consistent 28.5V, one of the internal regulators is experiencing an over temperature fault and shutting down momentarily. This has absolutely no bearing on the SPARK MAX use in an FRC system.

SPARK MAX was designed specifically as an FRC brushed/brushless motor controller. We try our best to plan for non-FRC applications, but edge-cases like this may still exist outside of the main intended use.

Thanks for the info David. We chose these motor controllers because of our teams’ familiarity with the FRC ecosystem. I suppose we should have taken a closer look at the user manual before making decisions. We’ll have to take some cells off our battery to keep it under 24 volts.

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