Spark Max (No Signal)

Hello! Team 9172 here, our spark max’s are blinking yellow which we found out that its not getting any signal and we dont know how to fix it, can someone help us?

When you plug into each one and the PDH, does anything other than the controller you are plugged into show up on the hardware manager?

This is a guess but maybe your pneumatic hub requires power to boost that CAN signal. I doubt it but worth a try.

Okay so everything shows up and we are going to connect the PH to the PDH

Have you enabled your robot? I believe that yellow blinking is just showing that the sparks aren’t being told to move anywhere. I think once you run code (ie drive the robot), it will turn to the yellow solid.

Everything looks good with the CAN interface and wiring.

Well when we open the rev hardware client and we run the spark max’s the motors dont spin on the chassis and they are all fully updated

Make sure when you try to run them you have the drive station and roborio enabled. Otherwise it will not work

Yes that is because if the Spark MAX is ever connected to the RIO on the CAN bus while powered on, they won’t be able to spin from the client. If you want to spin the motors through the REV client, you need to power off the Spark MAX, disconnect the CAN bus, power on, connect and run motor.

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