Spark max not being detected

Two of our spark max have stopped worked after we changed our motors from sim to neo. One flashes blue while the other flashs orange. The only issue that was had with can was that one of our connections was somehow severed. Even after it was fixed, the two sparks still didn’t seem to want connect. All of the other can connections look good. From what I’ve heard from programming is that the sparks are appearing as one in the spark max program. The two other sparks on the robot work fine and without issue. We have tested all of them before we switched to neo motors and everything was working right. Is there anything else we can do to troubleshoot this? Heres an image of the two sparks.

If you connect with the dev client hub do both sparks show up with different IDs?

From what our programmer has told me they both end up with the same id even if we change one of them.

When you change the ID inside the client make sure to click the flash or burn flash button otherwise the changes disappear once you disconnect the laptop, my team got stuck on that a few weeks ago.

The bottom Spark MAX appears to have its encoder cable loose. Have you also check switching the Spark MAX from bushed to brushless mode?

To assign unique CAN IDs – which is something you must do – you will probably need to temporarily disconnect the CAN cable and use a USB-C directly plugged into the motor controller you want to change.

Unfortunately, duplicate CAN IDs tend to make all but one SPARK MAX not show up in the REV H/W Client, and if you try to change the CAN ID, you will often wind up changing every SPARK MAX that started out with a duplicate ID. :frowning:

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