Spark Max PIDF gains need to be reload every "BEGIN"

Anyone else running into issues with the SPARK Max not responding after a power cycle. We reloaded gains during BEGIN and they come back alive. We have 5 sets of SPARK Max’s and only 3 sets, all with NEO 550’s are showing this behavior.

Running on Labview but I don’t think that makes much of difference.

Any ideas of what might be causing this?

Are you using the Rev Hardware Client to set the PIDF gains or just LabVIEW?

Did you Burn Flash after setting your PIDF Gains to make them permanent?

In the Rev Hardware Client there is a Burn Flash button all the way at the bottom of the screen.

Through LabVIEW it would be:

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Like Mark said, Burn To Flash was the first thing that comes to mind.

We are using LabVIEW to set the gains. We have used Spark Max’s before and I’ve never did the BURN FLASH option before. Did something change this year?

The 2 other sets of SPARK Max’s connected to NEO’s don’t seem to have this problem.

We’ll try that at practice tonight. Been using REV stuff for years, can’t believe I’ve missed this all this time.

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