Spark max problems

One of Our SPARK Maxes inconsistently works. Sometimes it runs on command and others it doesn’t do anything. It is connected to a NEO motor. We have an additional SPARK Max connecting to a NEO motor and it works consistently. we also are not using encoder cables and it also does not appear to be over heating. Does anyone know what could be wrong.

Check trouble shooting guide here Troubleshooting - SPARK MAX

if nothing there works please contact us
email [email protected]

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Do the Spark Max status lights change as they should when commanded by the user code?
Easy to compare with the lights of the working Spark MAX.

That will help determine if it’s a software issue or a hardware issue.

If the status lights change as they should, then it might be a poor wiring connection.

These 2 statements are contradictory. NEO motors are brushless and require the attached encoder/sensor cable to function properly. Are you saying it was not connected?


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