Spark Max Pulsing Issue

We are trying to use spark max motor controllers our robot this year. We are having issues with the motor controller causing the robot motor to pulse. We are using the Spark Client to drive the motor with the computer instead of code. The lights on the controller are flashing between on and off indicating that it is the controller, not the motor. We also tried with multiple motors. I just flashed the sparks with the newest firmware again today and it did not fix the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is the Spark plugged into the CAN Bus? We found that the bench test tool has the symptoms you explained when the Spark you are bench testing has a broken CAN network connected (it could also be an issue with a working CAN network but we haven’t tested that.) If it is connected to CAN, try disconnecting the JST and trying to bench test then.

What motors are you using? Particularly, NEOs or brushed? Is the NEO set up for the proper brushed vs brushless operation? If NEO/brushless, is the NEO encoder wired to the MAX’s encoder inputs?

Seconded, with beta firmware, we saw similar issues. Solution was to disconnect the spark Max’s CAN bus from the rest of the robot.

We are seeing this problem with the latest firmware and APIs. What ended up being your fix?