Spark MAX repeated Gate Driver Fault

Hello, Lead Electrical and Programming from 6445 here,

Recently, we swapped our four CIM drivetrain to four NEOs, and the Talons to MAXs during the PNW Championships.
However, several matches in, we encountered a serious error in one of the Spark MAXs.
It gave us a Gate Driver Fault code via LED code and subsequently resulted in one side of the robot’s drivetrain seizing up and unable to move.
I was able to fix the fault by factory resetting the MAX from the Client application and then reloading firmware.
However, the same error occurred again later.

For context, the first Fault occurred on a match start, though we had been playing heavy defense the match before, and I suspect we may have drawn slightly more power than the MAX could handle due to said heavy defense.
But, the second Fault occurred during normal match playing about 20 seconds into our match.
Both faults occurred during a match and resulted in an impaired robot.

I have verified that:

  • CAN connection and signals are good.
  • Robot code is properly written.
  • MAX is properly powered and wired, ie NEO encoders and CAN wiring, polarity.
  • Latest MAX firmware.
  • Latest REV MAX Client.

Is there some way we can fix this problem regardless of method, programming/electrical/driving/et cetera, as the problem is severely impacting our ability to compete.

Thank You!
-Angel Huang, Team 6445

You are running the version 33 firmware? Version 31 had an issue with this.

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