Spark Max/ Rev Through Bore Encoder/ Labview/ Unable to read encoder value

Im trying to use the Rev Robotics through bore encoder with a Sparkmax motor controller in Labview. The issue is I can figure out how to read the encoder value. I have the encoder connected to the data port on the Sparkmax. I’ve tried Rev’s example and it does not work. I’m able to read the encoder value of the encoder that is built into the motor(NEO). I have been able to set up a simple PID loop control with it and i give it an arbitrary setpoint and I can rotate the through bore encoder and the motor will maintain the setpoint I give it but I’m not able to output the encoder value so that I can see it for myself. Any help would be appreciated.

couple items to consider for this we are working through this same issue with a pot, as well as the through bore.

How do you have the sensor connected to the sparkmax, is is using one of the many alternate encoder adapter options available?

Also have you gone into the spark max and configured the spark max for an alternate encoder?

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