Spark Max setInverted doesn't work

When we use .setInverted(true), it doesn’t work for our motors. Any direction would be appreciated.


Did you check for errors returned by the setInverted function and retry a few times if one occurred?

Yes, there are no error messages. Motors are all functioning correctly normally, but as soon as .setInverted is used, motors don’t work.

if you can share your code that would be helpful.

Is it controlling a brushed or brushless (NEO type) motor?

One thing that can cause inverted to change back to false is a tripped breaker. If you only use setInverted in your constructor, that setting apparently won’t persist if the SparkMAX loses power.

You can persist them internally by calling burnFlash or using the Burn Flash button in the rev hardware client.

Redlines. Brushed.

Hmm. Thank you will take a look at that.

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