Spark Max Sketch Block

So I’m trying to make a sketch block for mounting spark maxes. Looking at them, they appear to be meant to be mounted via zipties but I can’t find a sketch block for them. How would I go about making a sketch block specifically for spark maxes?

we just have a brick of them like this. We have double sided tape between the bottom ones and the board and zip ties around the top

Yep, the notches in the case are intended for zip ties. We don’t have a downloadable sketch block, but we do have a CAD file available on the SPARK MAX product page. You should be able to import it into your CAD program and create a sketch off of it.

I like the packing density, but it isn’t best practice to mount the MAXs or any heat generating components in contact with each other.

The black base of the MAX is the heat sink for the motor controller. While I don’t expect the heat generated to be too large under standard operating conditions, this mounting configuration both reduces the heat sink’s surface area and conducts the heat of one controller into the other.


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