Spark max stops during practice

During practice, we have experienced a Spark Max on our drive train suddenly ceasing to send the desired signal to the attached NEO brushless motor after 1 - 3 min of running. Sometimes as soon as we powered on, the spark would not be sending the desired signal to the motor but after we power cycled the robot it would. This has persisted through us swapping different Spark maxes and the ports they are pluged into on the PDP.
We swapped the sparks on one side of the drive train with each other and when the robot was turned on BOTH sparks would not send any signal to the motors but once we power cycled they both work.
We are at a loss as to what the issue is. The only thing we have not done is swap out the motor itself.
All Spark maxes used were in coast, with 1.31 firmware. They would show no error codes typically, simply staying solid pink. We did experience some gate driver faults with the sparks on rare occasions. When the drive train was running hot. The Spark Maxes also became alarmingly hot during testing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect this is the issue, that the NEO is shutting down due to temperature. Verify that the NEO encoder to MAX cable is secure at both ends; I recall seeing a heating issue early in build season with a NEO/MAX caused by the encoder cable being loose or disconnected.

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Yea we once tried to run a spark max with NEO that didn’t have the encoder wire plugged in and we completely fried the spark max…

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