Spark MAX suddenly changing into Device Identify Mode

We are using 2NEO motors with Spark MAXs over CAN for our climber with 10.71 gear ratio, and have been climbing 50+ times in the workshop and 5+ times during the event. Suddenly after a match we weren’t able to climb due to one of the Spark MAXs not working properly. When the faulty Spark MAX receives a signal to run the motor, it would only shake the motor lightly and not run at all. We found in the pits that the faulty one was blinking white and magenta rapidly (which seems to be “Device Identify” mode according to Status LED Patterns - SPARK MAX). We did a firmware update, tested a few times succesfully without actually climbing (closing and opening the climber in the air). In the very qualification match afterwards, we have encountered the exact same issue while climbing (in a high load scenario). We’ve replaced the faulty Spark MAX afterwards and did not experience the same issue again. I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience or what might be causing this. We just want to take precaution, if necessary don’t use Spark MAX / NEO at all and don’t experience the same thing again.

If helps, the Spark MAX that caused issues was one we got from the kit of parts.

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