Spark MAX Top Port

Hey, y’all! Our team is thinking about utilizing limit switches and wants to do so through the built-in limit switch port on top of the Spark MAX. Our question is what sort of connector adapts to this port? We can’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!!

These guys can be used to connect to the Data Port on the top of the Spark Max:

Documentation on the Data Port:

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We were successful using the Talon SRX breakout boards and cable that we had already in stock. We did have to make sure that the cable was secured to the Spark MAX so it didn’t pop out (tape or run under a zip tie). The pin out is the same so were able to use the standard soldering pads on the breakout board.

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Thank you both for the solutions. We will most probably utilize the Falcon SRX breakout board since its pinout is the same.

I second using the Talon SRX Encoder or Analog Breakout Boards along with a Data Cable.

I soldered male PWM tails to the Limit Switch (and Analog in the case of one of these I made this year) breakout pads and plugged in the cable, then put some heatshrink over it all and used that to completely cover/secure all the connections so nothing could short out to it and the cable couldn’t be disconnected.

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This one is similar, but specifically set up for limit switches, etc. It’s mostly a matter of labeling and you can use several different boards in this application. But, if you are ordering something anyway, this might be worth considering.

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