Spark Max Unable to Run after Firmware Update

We have 2 Spark Maxes currently hooked up to Neos. Before today, they were on firmware version 1.1.31 (yeah, our fault for not updating them since build season). Today, we updated them to 1.4.0, but we were then unable to run the neos with our code. We also tried giving power to the spark max through the client, but that did not work either. The Spark Maxes have a blinking cyan color, which is supposed to mean that they are not receiving any signal, but we have verified that our can network is fine. Did anybody have this problem with the current firmware?

Did you also update the library?

I don’t believe so. Do I just download the latest vendor dependency?


I will try to update the vendor dependencies the next chance I get and update this thread then.

Our second Spark Max ever had this problem, and unfortunately we could never fix it, so now its bricked. I spent quite a lot of time trying to fix that SM, but unfortunately i could never find a fix, even when i talked to a representative from REV. Eventually they sent us a replacement one, and that’s how we got over it in the end. That was really early on, and we never had that problem again, so its unlikely that yours can’t be fixed but you should probably keep in mind its plausible

With your new spark maxes, dId you also update vendor dependencies after updating the firmware?

I updated the dependencies but the spark max continues to blink cyan.

Edit: So I’m still unable to run the spark maxes.