Spark MAX with motors other than NEO

Can you use Spark MAX controllers on more than just NEOs? Say a 775 pro?

If so what do you do with the white wire since it wouldn’t be in use?


We just left the white wire unplugged. Zip ties kept it secure.

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The white wire is only used with brushless motors.

Link to manual

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Thanks to both of you!

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You have to go into the code as well and change the motor type to brushed or brushless, depending on the motor, but I was under the assumption that a Spark MAX can act just like any other motor controller.

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You can also configure the Motor Type over USB by using the SPARK MAX Client.

If you switch back to connecting a NEO to this SPARK MAX, be absolutely sure to reconfigure it for Brushless. Running a brushless motor with the SPARK MAX in Brushed Mode will damage the motor.

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