Spark Max with Versaplanetary Integrated Encoder

I recently swapped out two Neo 550s for 775s and have replaced the encoders with the Versaplanetary Integrated Encoder (CTR Electronics SRX Magnetic Encoder). I connected the encoder to the Spark Max’s Data Port using the Talon SRX Data Cable. However, I am not able to receive any output from the encoder. The Spark Max is in Brushed mode. Any tips?

public Shooter() {
    m_leftShooter = new CANSparkMax(PortConstants.LEFT_SHOOTER, MotorType.kBrushed);
    m_rightShooter = new CANSparkMax(PortConstants.RIGHT_SHOOTER, MotorType.kBrushed);


    m_leftEncoder = new CANEncoder(m_leftShooter, EncoderType.kQuadrature, 1024);
    m_rightEncoder = new CANEncoder(m_rightShooter, EncoderType.kQuadrature, 1024);


try m_leftShooter.getAlternateEncoder(AlternateEncoderType.kQuadrature, 1024)

Unfortunately, that did not work. The encoder output is still not changing.

A further encoder wire swap fixed this, but I think your solution was a part of it. Thanks!

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