Spark Max Yellow Slow Blink

When we used spark Max to debug the movement of the motor, we found that a spark Max could not work effectively, and its status light was yellow slow blink. After we replaced a spark max for debugging, we found that everything was normal. We didn’t find the corresponding solution after checking Rev status LED patterns. Can you help us?

It sounds like you are seeing the “Yellow Blink” pattern, which corresponds to the following:

  • Operating Mode: Brushed
  • Idle Mode: Coast
  • State: No Signal

This state just means that the MAX is not seeing a valid control signal from the roboRIO. In most cases, this just means that the robot is not enabled. However, it could also mean that your code isn’t configured to talk to this particular controller, or there is a broken connection and the signal is not getting to the MAX.

We tried your answer above, but we still couldn’t solve the problem. We even updated the firmware, but it still didn’t work. This is not due to the problem of the code, because other spark Max can work when we debug it separately

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