Spark Maxes



So I see, that many teams have already started to play with the SPARK Max controller. However, I am unable to figure out how to program these as the libraries and the documentation have not been released yet. Any guidance will be appreciated.


I am still waiting for my team’s Spark Maxes to arrive, but from what I’ve read it appears that teams are using PWM from the Roborio (with the use of the the regular Spark’s interface—although any PWM interface meeting the SparkMax settings should work).
Communicating with the Spark Max through CAN should come soon (as that allows for more through information to/from the Spark, including the built-in encoder).


@oleitersdorf is correct. Everyone to this point is using the regular Spark class (or other PWM class) to do the communication for now.

With a new RIO image, the expectation is the CAN functionality will follow. The SparkMax windows client is available on Rev’s site.


heres the link


Do you have an estimate on a CAN functionality timeline?


AFAIK by installing the 2019 libraries you should be all set


It seems like it should take another few days for the API to come out.


I have what seems to me to be a stupid question. Should you plug the spark Max’s into the pdp in order to update the firmware? I tried just using USB C on win10, and the leds lit, but the app could not find any controllers.


We did this today! The usb-c cable works with out PDB power. Head over to the firmware tab and follow the instructions on upgrading. There is also a handy dandy video: