SparkMax and brushed motors // not SparkMax config // LabView

The issue we have encountered is the following.
We are trying to move our chasis with SparkMax and Brsuhed cim motor using pwm and a basic tank disposition on the chasis and on LabView, like you would normally do with another motor controller.
The configuration of the SparkMax is set to factory defaults but set to brushed and no encoder motor.
When we try moving it through the driver test tab individually and away from the chasis it works perfectly fine. The issue arrives when we make the front or backward part of the motor to the chasis when the other part of the tank drive moves with lag without sending any signal to that part.
This problem persists with just SparkMax controllers, with other ones happens nothing, nevertheless we want to use the absolute encoders and make life easier for programming area.
The troubleshooting we’ve already made is the following.

  1. Measure the output of the pwm of the roborio with an oscilloscope.
  2. Change to different pwm ports.
  3. Change the motors for some new ones.
  4. Look for any grounding or miss-connection and everything looks fine

If you could help us out, we’ll be very thankful!!

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