SparkMax arbitration error?

Has anyone seen this error before? We are running a single spark max on our intake to use a Neo 550. When running code from our programming laptop we get the following error pretty regularly. When code is deployed to the robot it happens less often but has still happened occasionally.

CAN id’s have no conflicts, but when this error pops up we have no intake because the spark max doesn’t respond (blinks magenta). Rebooting the RIO sometimes clears it, sometimes it doesn’t.

We have been in touch with REV support, but haven’t heard back on a solution yet and we compete Friday.

Just to update, last night this happened ~40% of the time, when code is deployed it happened ~5% of the time. But 5% is still one match in a competition… Any help would be appreciated!

Where in your CAN chain is this Spark Max located (from the origin at the roboRIO)?

On the Driver Station Power & CAN tab what is the % CAN utilization when this happens?

Do you have a separate working Spark Max on the CAN bus that you can swap the motor outputs with temporarily?

Does it do this with a default project and just the single Spark Max declared?

Spark max is located after our left side drive motors on an ~18" run that leads from a falcon 500 to the left side falcon motors. CAN runs from RIO to PCM to Falcon to Falcon to Spark Max and then back through 8 more controllers to the PDP termination.

CAN Utilization is between 68% and 77%.

No other Spark Max, this motor was the trial run for REV and brushless for us.

I’m not able to make the last part happen as I don’t program and have no desire to learn. Our programming mentor is aware of this thread and he may answer later.

This isn’t extremely helpful, but we’ve seen a similar error on and off for a while. Although, we never have issues running our Spark Maxes as a result of this error. If it pops up again, I’ll confirm whether or not it is the same exact error.

@MrBasse summed it up pretty well. CAN utilization today didn’t go above 70%.

I won’t be able to try just initializing just a SparkMax in a clean project until after this weekend.

This error only occurs during and when it does happen the SparkMax is inoperable.