SparkMAX Issue - Not turning on

Hello CD!

As soon as we got 4 new Spark MAXs and NEO Motors(Jan 6th) we updated their firmware to 1.5.1 using client version 2.0 then we started running them on our test drivetrain, we ran them for 2 days without any problems. But on the 8th of January one of the SM suddenly turned off while we were running an autonomous routine.

After that, we disconnected it from the control system and tried to connect with the REV interface but neither the interface nor the device manager could find the SM. This SM was used during our whole 2019 season, so we assumed that the extended use might have damaged it.

But on Jan 14, the same problem happened to one of the brand new SM, that was being used (it wasn`t on the same PDP slot or motor that was used before). This happened while we were testing our climber system, so neither one of the SM were being actively used at the time.

I attached a picture of our electrical setup at the time.

Is there anything else we can try? As we are in Brazil it is very difficult to get this material here. And currently we only have 3 of those working, so we would have to change our whole drivebase because of it.

We sent this to REV support a few days ago, but did not get a reply. So i am posting this here in case someone had a similar issue.

Thanks in Advance!


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