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My team is new to the SparkMax’s, is there a way you can update their firmware and CanID similar to how you do it with Phoenix?

You’re looking for the Spark Max Client Application. That page should also have all the information you need to get started. Spark Maxes are a bit different in that your computer has to be plugged directly into the motor controller via a USB-C cable, unlike the Phoenix client which lets you connect to the Roborio.

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Ok, that is what I was looking for. I thought there might have been a different way to do it simultaneously.

With the latest firmware and client, you should be able to use the client to see all Maxs over CAN the same way Tuner works although I have been having issues with that recently.

Hmm, that’s odd. It could be my RoboRIO, I was using it on our test board and my RoboRIO won’t even update the firmware.

Once all the Spark Maxes are updated to 1.5.0 or greater, you should be able to see and configure all the Spark Maxes on the network via the Spark Max Client. However, you still have to connect directly to one of the Spark Maxes via USB-C to do this. AFAIK, the Phoenix tuner will not show Spark Maxes, and the Spark Max Client does not work through the Roborio.

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Ohh thags why it never worked for Me. I thought it has to be done through rio. That might help a lot

Haha, I found that out this morning. I thought you can plug one USB C in and update all of them but you need to do it manually.

Nono you should be able to plug in only one cable and update all of them but you can’t do it through the rio, has to be a usb plugged into a max

Yep! Looked on their website and you just have to update them individually first. They are all brand new Spark MAX’s

Hmm so they all need to 1.5.1 software? That’s a little bit sad considering Phoenix tuner doesn’t matter but still an improvement over before

Yep! Once they are all updated to the newest firmware it will all work fine just plugging into one. However, have you been able to control a motor with the software to test rather than code?

To clarify, only the SPARK MAX that is the USB-to-CAN Bridge needs to be on 1.5.0 or newer. The other SPARK MAXs on the CAN bus must be 1.4.0 or newer to received updates over CAN.

If the SPARK MAXs were purchased on or after 11/18/2019, they shipped with 1.4.0 firmware. If they’re older, you will need to update them individually over USB.

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Thanks! All of the SparkMAX’s we have, have been sitting in the electrical cabinet for a while waiting for our order to go through on the neos!

Not with latest firmware. We used them fine over CAN for all of last season though

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Your team used them last year? What was your experience, what were the improvements over CIMs?

The biggest improvement we found was the form factor. Really helped us a lot. Also, we had garbage batteries last season (4-5 years old) and I’m pretty sure these Neos prevented brownouts compared to cims.
Implementation wise we had no issues both mechanical and code side so was a relief there.
Only issue is the JST connector for the encoder which are difficult to work with sometimes and not the easiest to crimp to repair since the wire is so small.

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