Sparky 384 Television Interview Video

Ever wanted to see our mysterious hidden workshop? Want to see where all the great ideas come from? How about a look into what we did this year and a great interview? Well, it’s all here. is now hosting an interview we had with our local county news station. Please stop by and check the video out. :slight_smile:

Joe, I didn’t see you in the video? Haha, I remembered seeing all those people at VCU and then I see them on video thing…wow I have good memory… :yikes:

Yeah, wasn’t there for the taping, plus I wanted to see how the future generation does on their own. Overall, it turned out good, even though the careFIRST thing was a little out of place.

The only time where we got on tv/the news was when we all got Norwalk…Yeah, it only showed half of our team though, but we still made it on TV!!! :wink: