Sparky 9.0 Unveiled

Check 'er Out! :smiley:

Good luck to all the other teams this year! and post if you have any questions :]

We’ll get pictures up soon!

Can it remove the ball from the overpass?

yes, we’ll post video of that soon :slight_smile:

Nice! Very fast and shoots far, looks good to me. :slight_smile: What is the recharge time for your pneumatics?

Maybe some pictures would be nice?

11 secs recharge

pictures will be uploaded this weekend

Very nice indeed. Congratulations on your design!

is it swerve or holonomic drive?? its pretty fast nice work!

Another impressive Sparky from 384. Great work, guys!


That awesome
if were on the same team my team will get the ball off for you
great design :yikes:

fast, agile, and it can shoot really well.

Could you get the OTHER ball? I think we’ve got one ball handled. I’ll get it down during Hybrid, so the operators can play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our mechanism to K.O (Knock off) is pretty decent, I wish quicker but i’m still content. We’ll get a video link up as soon as my mentor uploads it.

We’ve got loads more new of fun things to show the CD community, and maybe 975 Synergy can comment on some too :slight_smile: We took some pictures and lots of video, while practicing with them and 1086 today! We’ll show you a fun clip called, “Catch!” tommorow :smiley:

My jaw dropped as much or more than from the 121 video… wow. Very nice, extremely elegant, wow. Great work 384! If it keeps working this well I expect to see it on Einstein :smiley:

I digg your field too, you’re very lucky to have all that room!

Yup we put a lot of man hours in this robot
I think its our best robot yet!!! (then again next year its Sparky X)

Top notch robot, this robot makes me wish we went with a shooter lol.

I guess its to late now - Ship Date!!!:yikes:

I saw you guys at the scrimmage on Saturday and my jaw literally dropped. Good job! It’s a beauty!

Indeed it’s a nice robot. We’ll have some nice competition at VCU this year!

Your biggest weakness looks like it may be capturing a randomly kinetic ball. Good teamwork can fix that.

Sparky and Cheese are good looking robots that are going to go far this year, no doubt. Too bad we didn’t see 540 at the scrimmage. I can’t wait to see everyone at VCU in 3 weeks.