Spartan Robotics board connectors

We are contemplating buying the spartan sensor board for this coming season, but we are struggling to find any information on the type of connectors used to interface with the PWM and encoder ports on the board. Can anyone link me to a spot to purchase “Latching PWM Connectors?” we need the 3 and 4 circuit style. Also, what crimp would we use to create these connectors?

Official resources on the WCP Spartan Board will be released within the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, they’re Molex P/N 22-01-30X7 header housings, where X is the number of pins (22-01-3037 is the 3-pin header)

You’ll also need Molex 08-52-0123 crimp terminals.

The Spartan Board is a great product, we used it last year on 5803 and it withstood everything Stronghold could dish out.

Here is a temporary link to the manual, its not final and it will be updated. Should be released in 1-2 weeks.

This looks great so far! I’m happy to hear that this has been in development. Seems like a very helpful guide for all teams looking to use the Spartan Board.

Thank you R.C. and WCP for working on this!