Spartronics 4915 2017 CAD Release - HELIOS

Hey y’all,

This may be a couple of years late, but here is the CAD for our 2017 robot: HELIOS.

Things of note

  • The shooter was exceedingly accurate (~80-90%)
  • Adjustable single-position shooter
  • The intake was efficient
  • The climber was slow, but very rarely failed
  • Short wheelbase on longer chassis

CAD File:
2017 Spartronics - HELIOS.step (46.9 MB)

Photos (Robot was not actually coloured in, I just had fun)

Great timing posting this. I am just figuring out how to build the best robot for Steamworks now.


Cool!! I’ve waited months for this, still waiting for the 2016 CAD tho.

Also what type of wheel did you use for the shooter? And is it a direct drive from the motor?

I’d have to put ARES into CAD and I’m too lazy for that so unfortunately he won’t grace CD with his geriatric presence.

Great! HELIOS was a very accurate robot and he got us first place in Q and F at our first competition, first place in Q and third place in F at our second competition, and chosen for a division final alliance at worlds. The downsides to his design were his low rate of fire. Thinking back on it, we should have used 2 CIMS rather than 1.

It is a direct drive with a stealth wheel