Spartronics 4915 2018 CAD Release - THEMIS (scissor lift)

Hey CD,

THEMIS was our attempt at a scissor lift and it worked surprisingly well and we learned a lot.

Features of Note

  • Lift used a slide joint at the bottom
  • 2 CIM Climber could have lifted 3 robots (3 robot climber never put on due to robot weight limit issues)
  • Wrist joint actuator at the bottom (CIM driven ACME screw)

What we should have done differently

  • Outside bars on the lift should have been made out of 2 x 1 x .0625" box tube, not 1.5 x 1 x .125" box tube. REASON: Weight
  • 3 pneumatic pistons, not 2. We had difficulty extending the lift with just 2 pistons and we have determined that this was the sole reason we didn’t go to worlds.
  • put the wrist actuator at the top. REASON Decreases weight, allows us to put a third or fourth piston on the other side to help lift the lift.

CAD Files:
Lift lowered position
THEMIS CAD.step (34.2 MB)

Lift extended position
THEMIS E CAD.step (21.5 MB)

Photos (Robot was not actually painted, I just had some fun)

THEMIS was our 2018 robot