SparX Box


Overall I like what you’ve done here. The biggest problem I see with this design is the lack of visibility of the LED status lights. Other than that, it looks great.

Yes. The status lights are a pain to see *usually. This year we lucked out so you could see both the top and bottom of the box, and fortunately talons have their lights on the sides so they could be at least seen (not easily, but it could be done).


I had looked up the Molex Mini-Fit Sr crimp tool. Is this the same one you use?

No, but there are different flavors of crimping tools that will do the job. As long as it’s within the gauge range your using and for the correct pin, it will work. You should be able to find crimpers in the 90-140 USD price range that will work for your application.

CAD files are published on GrabCAD.