SparX's 2012 Relay for Life

As mentioned by someone on team 79 (KRUNCH)

FRC 1126-SparX has done just this! In 2011, we formed a Relay for Life team in the Webster area. It was our first year participating in the event as a team even though many members had participated in the event on their own. The team was not formed in honor of anyone specifically, but many on the team have their own connection to cancer. Instead, we formed the team to celebrate the cancer survivors, remember those who have been lost, and fight back against a disease that takes so much; the team was formed to accomplish something greater and give back to our community in true FIRST fashion.

2011 was our first year participating and everyone on the team had an amazing time. We raised over $1000 and every member was able to help contribute. Now, in 2012, we have once again formed a team because of the impact that participation had on us last year and we strongly encourage teams everywhere to join forces and help out in creating a world with more birthdays. We are now 10 days away from our local relay, where we will walk all night to raise money and honor those who have been affected by cancer. That being said, we would also greatly appreciate your support of our efforts to raise at least $1500 in this year’s Relay. As a cancer survivor, I cannot express how much any donation is appreciated or how much it means to our team. If you choose not to support out team directly, please consider helping out in any way you can (a local Relay, spreading the word etc,). This event is absolutely worthwhile, and something that SparX, KRUNCH, and every other FRC Relay Team encourage participating in.

Our team page can be found at

Thank you,
Garrick Centola