Spc. Patrick Tillman


He died for YOU. Don’t forget that. And don’t forget that over 700 other Americans have died for YOU in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Rangers Lead The Way. Waste 'em all boys.

By the way, this recent coverage of Patrick Tillman has led me to rethink my position on Muhammad Ali. Ali was asked to serve his country, which had given him wealth, fame, and power. Ali, instead of taking the route of Tillman and honorably serving his country in Vietnam, took the cowards way out and hid behind his “religion” claiming it advocated nonviolence (if you can call the Nation of Islam nonviolent). All he did was send someone else in his place. If anyone ever tells me Ali has courage again, I will throw up.

I respect what Tillman did (in fact I think the Cardinals should name their new stadium in his honor after him) but serving and dying for your country is a choice. Do not just condemn someone because they are not willing to do the same. Tillman is made of different convictions than others and not everyone would be so willing to make that sacrafice. The easiest thing in the world to do is to point a finger at others and pass judgement on them. Tillman should be a source of inspiration not contreversy.

Look - you went about this the wrong way.

“Ali…took the cowards way out and hid behind his “religion” claiming it advocated nonviolence (if you can call the Nation of Islam nonviolent).”

That was his religion. He was musilm. If asked to fight - I’d personally do it for my kids - but what you said in thoes parthenthes(sp?) kinda sparked something in me. I am Islamic. I am muslim. My mother was born/raised in the USA and my father is from Palestine. If you took the time to read/find out more information about Islam and such - you’d see that we condem thoes acts. You are just speaking with out your facts straight…

Please - take more consideration in what you say. CD.com is not the place to start a debate about this. Agian - I am not bashing you, nor am I offended (comon guys -this is the web) but you do need to think better of what you say…

When I am reminded that this farce of a war is being conducted in my name and the name of my country, it makes me want to throw up sometimes.

-Andy A.

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