i have a giant speaker and i am wondering if i am able to play it inside the pits

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Welcome to CD. The answer is no. Totally not allowed


No is the correct answer.

Specifically, from the event manual…

E9: Some things do not belong at events. Do not use or bring the following…
… E: noisy devices or noisemakers, such as floor stompers, whistles and/or air horns

thanks for the advice, i was looking on the manual and could not find it, do you think you could send a screenshot?

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It’s on page 4 of the Event Manual (not the game manual).


The rules referenced above (as I understand them) are not meant to keep you from playing tunes in your pit, or presenting a description of your video. On the other hand, your tunes (or patter) should not make it difficult to hold a conversation in the pit next to yours. Your pit is a tiny apartment with very thin walls (or none at all) between you and your neighbors. Be a good neighbor.


I would argue that these rules are exactly designed to keep you from playing tunes in your pit.

edit 2 E9-E does not ban speakers. I was initially wrong, as @EricH has pointed out. I stand on E9-E being relevant for banning “noisy devices”, which could easily be read as speakers.

edit: E9-E is relevant here to the banishment of speakers. In edition, E13 also prohibits “loud music” or live bands.

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Anecdotally, I remember before this rule was created years ago there were teams that DID have speakers in their pits and/or on their robot carts, and those all went away when the rule was created.

@brennan-macaig no speakers mentioned in E9. At all.

E13 includes “do not play loud music”.
E37 bans including them on cards.

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You are right, the term speaker is not mentioned in the manual. My mistake!

However, E9 does prohibit “noisy devices or noisemakers, such as floor stompers, whistles and/or air horns”. Are speakers not noisy devices?

My mistake on the E9 restriction! Sorry about that.

edit: I have changed my post (post 8) to reflect the corrected information so that it doesn’t pop up on google in the future. Sorry for my mistake!

To be honest, as long as they are a quiet volume (easy enough to hear, yet easy to talk over) I don’t think it would be a problem, but if you are still questioning it… bring earphones…or hand out earplugs.


The key word in the original post is “giant”


My first through when I saw the post is “pit space is precious, very precious”. Why would anyone be willing to sacrifice any of it to a “giant” speaker. Radio, sure, pit presentation device absolutely, giant speaker… nope. Plus we have to tote all our stuff to events that are far from home. Cargo room on the bus is also precious.

Earphones to play music in the pits could be a potential safety hazard, if you are not able to hear your surroundings well enough

I would stray away from it in the pits

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Wired earphones present an entanglement hazard when working with power tools as well. The event will be playing enough music around the field for anyone’s need… I don’t see a need to add more to an already busy and loud pit environment.


Yah the earphones/earplugs were kinda a joke.