Speakers on our Robot?

We are considering adding speakers to our robot if we have enough time simply as an accessory so I am wondering if we actually can use speakers on our robot? According to R8 Example B speakers are not allowed to generate sound at a level that would be “sufficient to be a distraction”, but what exactly does this mean? What is a reasonable decibel level? Are they considered hazardous if they simply are capable of producing distracting levels of noise or is it if they are actually producing distracting noise during the competition?

Sounds like a question better suited for the Q&A, if you’re in need of clarification, but I think it’s relatively easy to discern the meaning behind this rule.

For me, that rule boils down to distinguishing diagnostic beeping and a sound system on drivable chassis that competes with the venue’s sound system and PA.

I would be asking myself whether or not it could possibly distract drivers and spectators, and be prepared to rip it out if an inspector disagrees with your answer.

How much weight do you guys have (or think you have)? If you’ve got a lot, I can think of some more productive things to do with that weight.

Remember, FRC robots can exert an awful lot of force. I don’t know how large your speakers are going to be, but I’d be willing to bet that some component of the system gets broken at some point early on Friday. And some other after you’ve fixed that. This would be with just routine bumper-bashing.

Definitely have to agree! Why not use that weight somewhere else (maybe beef up your ball intake system)?